2017 April: Updated

Mid of May and my here to update about how's my April It's tough for me to write this post as all my memories and photos were messed up  So I don't really what I did in April haha.
Let's start with the lastest post maybe? 

Watched Fast 8 with family I think is pretty good movie  although I never watched all the previous ones 

Went to popo's house with my boy 

And then, gathering with my two babies

Like after a year, this girl finally get her korea ready and got to go

before her flight,
we all the way to mid valley to accompany her exchange money
but this stupid girl thoughts she actually can exchange money with her card hahahhaha

Once she backed from her trip, we did a small gathering again!
Thanks for the souvenirs from korea, much of loveeeeeeeeee

Next, would be a cycling day with my boy

2017 March: Birthday post!

Comeback with a new hairstyle! 
I was get used to it now, and it makes me looks refreshing? hahah
Finally it's my turn to own a short hair yeah
Before that, I was really hesitated about should i go for it or shouldn't
Thanks to people whom beside me have gave me their fully support 
I'm so appreciated to own you guys in my life, y'all rock my world.
So, back to this post! What'd happened in March
I am in a long holiday now and I suppose to be more free yet I am actually not
I was ended my internship as I mentioned in my previous post 
so I am on a stage that struggle about life... future... decision...
It's gonna be a long long holiday for me before I get into a brand new chapter of life
Must spend this golden period of time wisely with fulfilling all the things that I wanted to do
as well as save money.... pls spend less although is really hard for me but still HAVE TO 
Alright 1st of my is my stupid friend …