2017 June: June life updates

hahahhaa hello people 

This post basically is just some life updates on what I've done in June (roughly)

June has been a hectic month as I'm damn busy with my part time and freelance jobs

Additionally, I have just start up with my own business so there are plenty of things need to be done

For me, holiday is mainly for earning money as much as I can for vacation tripssss

Working is tiring especially when things come to you unexpectedly yet you have work on hand
and you couldn't manage to cope damn

I will just random throw some photos here as usual 

yay or nay?

Kind of satisfying as that was the first time we made it

First time working with joodeebb

She drive all the wrong way HAHAHA we can drive to penang dy

but god damn this job, the client damn sh I really cannot 

will never do for this client again lols

went to 3 colleges for this acne patch roadshow

this is the stress-est roadshow I ever had lols because of the god damn client 

everyday got free fruit juice I feel so healthy hahah

Thanks for the drink btw lols 

I look so fat compare with her face....

This job actually is quite chill la so far so good 

let's just work for a month first hahah just let me rest one month maybe

As I don't feel like put on thick make up on my face 

and I fkin lazy to remove my make up at late night


Being a tutor isn't a easy job as you think 

If you think it is as easy as just sit there and talk

Then you have a huge misunderstanding on tutor life

The stress level is even higher than when you're having exam

as if you're having exam, you just need to be responsible to yourself, that's all

but when the responsible comes to you as you're tutor and there's a responsible to guide your student and help him/her to get improve in their coming exam

When they aren't not or when they're having exam 


What I'm trying to say is : money never comes easy!

Except for all these working life

What's life if without entertainment?

Nice foods and qualitity time  have spent with the love ones

oh ya we did a bloody hell blood test together!

When the report came out it stated that I have one problem with my ovary of what la

Then asked me go for consultation

I went to another clinic to have a blood test again, that stupid doctor hurts me a lots when he's
taking my blood lols pain af leh

End up the latest report shown I am good lol wasting my time and money

My doctor explanation is the lab which the pharmacist has taken ours blood to the check

is an infamous lab lol

Lesson learnt: If you want to do a blood test, please go to clinic, never ever do your blood test at pharmacy.

I feel so good when my family came all the way to have lunch with me during my working time

Childhood memories!

This waffle is a drug, it tastes so good and you'll be addicted to its taste

Long lost outing with just her! Day well spend!

Perhaps that's all about June?

Last: Determination will lead you to success. 


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