2017 May: New beginning?

Hello people! before I blog about my malacca trip let me do a short post here

Throwback to May. I think May was a pretty one

 I have few gatherings with the love ones whom are the people that meant a lots to me

So start with the ccs squad girl!


We rarely took a group photo with nice clothes on seriously 😂

What we used to is wearing our homewear/ccsshirt/somethingcasual then meet up

As we normally met up randomly haha

2016 April's CCS DAY squad 

will never forget the times we've spent together, happy farewell backup! 

Coming up next will be my college bbssssss

This dinner has finally make it hahaha we planned it for 3 weeks before that

All of us are busying for life

It's getting harder to meet up with you girls dy :( 

and finally jiaen bb birthday! 

I realised it is getting harder to get a dinner date on :( even is birthday dinner

Idk how many times we've changed for this dinner...

Happy 20th birthday jiaen bb <3 Hope you like the celebration 

ok comeback to myself

With this month, I've made a decision to start off with my own so called business? 

It takes me more efforts to put in for my work and career

As many things I have to carry on, the times that I can leave for myself or others is....

Well, I think this is how life suppose to be

People are on their way to pursuit life, make dreams come true, for themselves, for future

So do I 

Not to deny I'm having a deep stress and some depressions going on

Too much concerns, for awhile, I think I couldn't handle this anymore

What makes me to be determine, is the urge to see a good result after I've paid my efforts

I would not know how it end up will be, but I know if I didn't give my best, it won't be the best

No matter it is good or bad, at least I've tried, and will definitely do it better next time

At this age, I realized how important that family meant to be, same goes to every relationship

You can't live in this world without any relationship to carry on

Also, the importance of a mature financial as well as financial stability 

Is not about I am greedy or what, as for me, I prepare the worst

So when I am able to do, I will do it and prepare for it

In case anything out of control or emergency has happened,

I am willing to overcome it or help 

Selfishness is humanity

Without denied, I earn for my own more than for others

It doesn't mean that I am not willing to spend for my love ones

If there's more, why not? however I'll still take myself as priority

Even though I am tired, frustrated, fed up or whatever

You know you have to do so no matter how, you just have to

Somehow, when I reach certain point, I know I'm done 

I need to rest, I couldn't take anymore

So at this moment, I really need someone who tell me is ok to be rest

instead of the one who's keep telling me 

no, you must stay strong till the last, do not give up till the end

I am a girl, isn't ok to be weak as a girl? 

I need someone by my side whenever I said I'm tired and stressed up

Tell me I need not to be so hardworking every time

is ok to rest for awhile.

People who really know me, you'll know I'm kind of determine person

What I said is just said. For emotional purpose only, I need some break you know

So whenever I said I want to give up, pls don't tell me that you can't, you have to be determine

just let me be, even i say I want to give up, how tired am I can you imagine it

At this moment I just need some words

I need comfort not motivations. 

Will back with the malacca post on next! Stay tuned 

btw positive vibes need desperately.

Last: 日子就是崩溃哭完醒来还是得继续 因为没有理由不继续


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