2017 May: Appreciation post


Current mood: Work
 So tiring of working yet I have to work for Thailand trip and...
maybe korea trip? hahha

Short update about my working post!

First time being so called barista wtf is so tiring
you have to demo on how to operate the machine meanwhile have to push sales
My mouth and throat is burning after nonstop talking for 5 hours and keep on repeat the same thing

The times of I drink coffee are less than ten times I think lols 
but have to pretend like I am professional in coffee from the beans to the machine wtf
Is challenging but quite fun and satisfy to do this job

who interested on buying this Gold blend barista machine pls pm me
hahahhaha I will explain in very detail to you

Next job would be Nestum roadshow!

This job is damn hea for me hahaha
hea until we all keep coloring like having our own competiton 
Good to meet you guys btw 

however, not for this poor kid
too professional as promoter alr 
so he do as promoter and have to keep on talking like what I did in the previous job 
he sore throat like fk and his sound has became so terrible still have to go on *irreplaceableposition
#respectmydear hahhaha

I realized days like Christmas, Public Holiday, or any important dates
We both are working instead of celebrating hahaha
poor kids need those high pay job compare with celebrate

Thanks crystal visit hahaha
Working at sunway pyramid I've met a lots of friends hahaha

Now, it's about gathering post!

yeah hair can be tied alr hahah 

Love from seol <3 
short gathering with my 2 le friends 

Next, I have been SO LONG never meet up with them

Good to see you girls again!
Although is a short catch up with them but is good enough 

After work, a random gathering with April CCS DAY'16 people

Time flies!
11 of May! One year anniversary with this brunch of people 
So glad to be friends with you guys, although I always skip gathering and seldom reply in group
but still, love y'all very much <3

Another after work rush to Sharon's Bd celebration!

Happy birthday nvshen <3

same shoe from taobao wtf hahaha


And the big day! My aunt's birthday celebration

We've grown up so much :( I miss those old days when we've kids

 Family is 💓

The big day of May is Mother's day! 

Happy mother's day mummy! love you as always <3

Last: 有心不怕难,关键是值不值得。


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