2017 March: Birthday post!

Comeback with a new hairstyle! 

I was get used to it now, and it makes me looks refreshing? hahah

Finally it's my turn to own a short hair yeah

Before that, I was really hesitated about should i go for it or shouldn't

Thanks to people whom beside me have gave me their fully support 

I'm so appreciated to own you guys in my life, y'all rock my world.

So, back to this post! What'd happened in March

I am in a long holiday now and I suppose to be more free yet I am actually not

I was ended my internship as I mentioned in my previous post 


so I am on a stage that struggle about life... future... decision...

It's gonna be a long long holiday for me before I get into a brand new chapter of life

Must spend this golden period of time wisely with fulfilling all the things that I wanted to do

as well as save money.... pls spend less although is really hard for me but still HAVE TO 

Alright 1st of my is my stupid friend Alicia's birthday! 

We did a small surprise for her as well as the birthday dinner

Hope you like the celebration and present!

Alicia's bf team hahahha

slight miss my long hair now :( 

12/13 好齐人 只差昭恩 

Went to Sunway pyramid for the Beauty and the Beast exhibition!

ootd ma


My handcraft rose was so failed....

He did better than me! hahhaha

Awesome date with him <3

Hiking day with him!

I was so dead after hiking for 3 hours....

yet kinda satisfied as I have achieved something that I never think about to do before

when your bf is a good photographer, life is great hahhha

This guy has brought a lots of new things to me and more to go? haha

21st of March, Happy birthday my one and only daddy <3

Papa I just need you to be healthy, happy and less worries bout us

We've grown up. We're super fine and on our way to a bright future :')

Thanks for raising us dad and mom,

28th March Mom's birthday!

Happy birthday mummy, ily

I look super nerd lololol

ok. done for spamming photos.

Short update about my March

Although I've ended my internship life, but still have to work

I am that kind of so called workaholic person? 

I won't let myself do nothing everyday, as it's too lifeless seems like wasting my life time

I can't stand live but doing nothing more than 3 days hahah

This coming september I'm going to Thailand... it means I have to save more money for it

Super glad that I got a private tuition teacher job from my friends

Current life will be work, eat, sleep, hang out hahhah

stay tuned for my next post!

Last: You can't expect people treat you like the way you treat them.


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