2017 Jan: Langkawi trip // Cousin's wedding

Hello peopleeee 

As usual it's almost the end of the month and I am back yeah

There's no vlog for Langkawi trip! 

regretful yet worth it la cause I did enjoyed the trip without keep on filming 


I will just throw photo la, not much time to write post hahaha

Let's start! the very first trip wtth 13

7 down out of 14 because of sickness :(

Couples series mou hahhaa different style of couples hahaha

hahahhahahaha next 

sorry for spam but i'm gonna spam bacause this is my blog hahahha

Breathtaking view. Next stop!

candid leh

Candid act for life squad hahahah

I'll skip all the detail of lunch and those bla bla bla ok

Next, pantai cenang!

男友视角? hahhaha

After lunch we just hea at hotel and do dump things wtf 

We girls are so excited to prank on guys, I personally think that the prank is success la

however, their reaction didn't satisfy our expectation lol hahaha

oky, lesson learnt: need to control our self high level hahahahha

2nd day. Most of us were sicked or drunk af

but still, after we done breakfast we off to shopping and beach

thanks for auntie visit so mic, cn, rich and me just stay at beach 

while the other were having fun with water sports, we here photo shooting time hahaha

I realised I have tons of photos but it's all at the same location hahah

拍照的时候认真拍,玩的时候认真玩所以都没有玩的照片 hahaha

3rd day


As I'm going to cousin's wedding dinner at night so me and him took the earlier flight 

3 days well spent with the great one, especially him.

//2017 first trip, more to go ok?//


Let me update sial my beloved cousin wedding here hahahha

omg I couldn't believe she had married TT

Wish you always stay with love, bless and happiness!

Happy marriage!

Bridesmaid mou

dad and mom 💓


sick af still all the way from kl drive to seremban awww

a day after he got sicked, is my turn fkin sore throat. trip aftermath lol 

then I was absented on my first day of intern and got an injection sien mou

out of topic, sorry hahaha

ok. I counldn't imagine the day when my sister got married

no make up needed, cause I indeed will cry so hard hahaha


short update: 

Today is Wednesday, rainy day, it's my 3rd week of internship already, can't wait to end it
This friday is cny eve, omg so fast and then I have to go indonesia trip again
some more one big day is coming soon. pffff

Happy Chinese New Year 2017! Whoever is reading this wish you have a great year :)

Last: 有心没有什么会办不到,如果没有也不用多说了。


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