2016 Octorber: New hair cut


eh I have nothing in my head for title 

so just new hair cut la ahhaha

As usual. It's end of October and here I am.

This month is extremely crazy and stress for me, guess it will continue till the end of my sem

Well the routine still going on, over stress myself, question bout why,

having mental breakdown, experiencing the frustrations, giving up 

end up still dealing with the difficulties, and continue my works.

This is basically what I feel for every sem when I am dealing with my academic stuffs

alright, stop complaint it.

Throwback to end of Sep, moonlight festival!

moonlight festival sial

we ain't good at handcraft things damn 

this is what we did hahhahaha

so called "lantern" 


Moonlight festival is small gathering of us haha!

Ok, october now! 

I randomly post photos la 

in love with dog filter so much, I cannot

Happy Birthday! 

girl squad mou

guys squad lo

with girl god ma

 with bee

Next! flip over

The very first time I went to honglok pasar malam

and I bought my favorite ear ring! feeling good tho

the highlight of the day is yybb

so can you imagine how BRIGHT are we to be light bulbs hahaha

and then, random lunch date with them

J U M P  A G A I N.

after considered so longgggggggggg

I have a hair cut hahaha

feeling so young after the hair cut haha 

yy birthday celebration!

 Hungry bunch @Sunway pyramid

nice food with reasonable price! thumb ups


and we very random go singk at 12am just because it is free hahaha

I feel so good as I desperately want to singk yeah

never say no to dog filter pls

3:30 a.m I finally home

and my make up still last perfectly, this foundation and cushion damn pro

great night with the sh friends 



omg I am so excited when I brought the tickets 

yeah! happy night

my thought: not that scary yet scary? hahaha


This is the second times that I have been listed in Dean's list

Last time I was absent and the reason why I attend this time is

I don't think I will have another chance to get into Dean's list anymore


Thanks for coming <3

To be honest is really bored, but the best part is the whole ceremony is really quick

just the long waiting for the photo section lol

overall is good

Feeling something inside my heart seriously, so complicated 

ok. time to talk about my real life behind of all these joyful

Is sem five now, which is the last sem of my diploma in mass com

I was extremely busy (wordscouldnotfullydescribeit

tons of discussions, assignments, shootings, presentations, editing works... 

Sometimes I think should I let go something

why should I make myself so busy 

why should I make myself tired like this

shit life you know, never get enough sleep 

I spent my 24hours like 48hours fk

I knew I took too much, but if I don't then who should?

what my past experiences taught me: never trust on others except yourself

as at the end they will definitely SCREWED YOU UP

so yeah

my 战友

This is war. We are fighting with our mentality, maturity and ability

to deal with not just assignments but people too lol

2 more months to go, the war is still going on

One week study break is coming, but is even a not break for us

It is actually giving us a week to done all the works before due date

the study week will be fulfilling with all the shootings and editing works

alright, took this short time to update my blog 

and gonna prepare to class now bye! client presentation pls goes well


Last: It' all about making mistakes.

You'll never know what is right if you never did it wrong 

So do't be afraid to make mistake or to be failed.


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