2018 January: Life update

Hello hello February liao 
Here to write soem life update to keep my blog alive haha!
So basically January is a month which I HAVE SPENT A LOTS $$$
You will know why later.. so keep reading hahaha
First of all, I finally went to sunway lagoon with ying with a super deal price
Here is a big shout out to my man who gave me this offers hehe
Photos lah

That day is indeed our lucky day! 
What else can we ask for more when there's good weather, no crowd and super deal price ticket!
Have a lots of fun with this girl hhaha
Also, I started my new tutor job at another centre
I wasn't thought of I'll be teaching there unless they offered me double the salary that I've now.
They did, so why not 
You get paid with such of course you need to gave in more pfff
Next, I went to a korean language workshop!

Reason why I went to this is because I wanted to learn how to read and write
As I can only speak and listen haha
but it's way too fast and I'm not able to learn much urgh hav…

2018: Brand new year, welcome 2018!

It's 2018! 
Have been busy for wrapping up my 2017 stuffs Finally have some time, settle down, and prepare myself Before step in to my new year resolution, I'm gonna summarize my 2017
2017 has been good. As I tried out a lots of new things throughout the whole year Have a lots of changes which brought lots of challenges and difficulties
First of all, I had completed my studies of diploma in mass communication Then, I've started my new chapter as an intern, I did been through a lots of thing for sure. After I've done with my internship, then I had officially graduated from diploma life. After that, it was about 5 months of blank, yet something
But let me tell you the most important lesson or should I say realization that I've got in this internship?
 It is not about how to deal with works and those skill-work related stuffs. Of course, those were parts to master me in preparing for working life, it was good. But. all those weren't the most important part that a…

2017 December : Christmas time!

Guess that this will be the last posy of year 2017! 
My Christmas vlog is finally out, check out to see our funny moments!

Let's start with all my Christmas outing!

Hope you like it! 
btw feel so sorry to weiyang :( 

Two years with the same secret santa hahahah 
Next, Christmas eve!
Went to trek with my girls and bf

Short catch up with vinky

Great night spent with great onesssss
Christmas day! Celebrating with the forever gang

2017 December: Family time?

December is finally here! last month of 2017
btw I think my hair is getting longer yay so happy 
Some quick life update before I throw photos 
Just ended with my final and started my sem break
I've been too busy lately... for class, exam, work as well as outing hahaha
Some quick life updates?

bye bye zhi jie! will miss you for sure :(

Last class of Mr. woody, best lecturer ever and he gave fortunate biscuit as farewell gift omg

We're a good team I guess? hahah if only excluding all the "drama"
So happy to work with you guys hahah 

The face when I'm having finalll

My face is getting round oh nooooooooo

May all the paper goes well and let me pass them by flying colors!

I feel kind of wasted for not posting this 
This photo has taken in one day of November 
I went cycling with jia en and we tried so hard to take this photo hahah
without tripod! people! but just grass and we make it HAHAHHA 

Attend to my nephew's 1st birthday, omg I feel so old hahaha

Every time…