2018 May: Langkawi Trip once a year

Hello! Langkawi
I'm so upset as I've lost my photos in Whatapp album 
as most of it are those took in Langkawi (cryyy
Redang gang has finally reunited after 2 years! 
Day 1

First stop after checked in and lunch >>> Langkawi square

Typical tourist selfie haha

Next: Sky cab

 End up we go watch 5D and take photo

Then nothing much dinner and stuff
Day 2 it's all day watersport
It so cloudy and started to rain in the morning
Nothing can stop us from playing hahahaha
Such an unforgettable memory when the rain hits you hard and you still play hard hahah
just some photos here!

This is fun!!! First time and I'll definitely play again

FYI we just spend RM140 for playing 4 water sports
I felt is pretty worth la 
Day 3 Island hoping day
I was sicked and I feel very uncomfortable
almost vomit in the boat hahha

2018 May: Family time

Hello! Way too long for this post and fianlly it's up
So May is a new beginning of everything.
First of all, our country election had a tremendously changes as the opposite party won it
Celebrate it on the first morning by having breakfast with my fam

Feel glad and proud to witness this historical moment as a Malaysian!
First day of May, Labor's day! 
It's public holiday so we decided to go kl for breakfast!

So far the best breakfast I ever had! 
the toasted bread is a god damn taste so nice

Then, pretty sharron's 21st birthday celebration

Happy birthday Sharron <3
Have my one week mid term break and it wasn't a break tat all lol
Filled with all the assignments and shooting

Exhauted af everyday
Some family bonding time