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2017 April: Photo shooting

I'm back with short hair and this le look hahaha
I'm helping out chaw en as a model for her bridal and hairdo service,

and here're the photos! 

It's looks like a cover shot for every photo 
Big thumbs up to my super friend chaw en for the impressing make up and hairdo services
I'm so in love with this series instead of bridal one

All credit by: Chaw En
Bridal timeeee

This is so great. hahhahha
It's my honor to be her model, such a good experience for me

2017 May: Appreciation post


Current mood: Work  So tiring of working yet I have to work for Thailand trip and...
maybe korea trip? hahha

Short update about my working post!

First time being so called barista wtf is so tiring
you have to demo on how to operate the machine meanwhile have to push sales
My mouth and throat is burning after nonstop talking for 5 hours and keep on repeat the same thing

The times of I drink coffee are less than ten times I think lols  but have to pretend like I am professional in coffee from the beans to the machine wtf Is challenging but quite fun and satisfy to do this job THE MOTIVATION COMES FROM COMMISSION HAHA

who interested on buying this Gold blend barista machine pls pm me
hahahhaha I will explain in very detail to you

Next job would be Nestum roadshow!

This job is damn hea for me hahaha hea until we all keep coloring like having our own competiton  Good to meet you guys btw 
however, not for this poor kid too professional as promoter alr  so he do as promoter and have to…

2017 April: Updated

Mid of May and my here to update about how's my April It's tough for me to write this post as all my memories and photos were messed up  So I don't really what I did in April haha.
Let's start with the lastest post maybe? 

Watched Fast 8 with family I think is pretty good movie  although I never watched all the previous ones 

Went to popo's house with my boy 

And then, gathering with my two babies

Like after a year, this girl finally get her korea ready and got to go

before her flight,
we all the way to mid valley to accompany her exchange money
but this stupid girl thoughts she actually can exchange money with her card hahahhaha

Once she backed from her trip, we did a small gathering again!
Thanks for the souvenirs from korea, much of loveeeeeeeeee

Next, would be a cycling day with my boy